Went to the Gym this morning.  Got there about 7:30 am.  Quiet morning.  Today was an RT workout. Started with our normal warm up & stretching including a set of 50 push-ups.  Then on to the scheduled RT.
  • Wheel Roll Out
  • Swiss Ball Hip Raise and Leg Curl
  • Barbell Row – 90 pound bar
  • Farmer’s Walk – 45 pound plate in each hand for 60 paces and return
  • Barbell Bench Press – finally back up to 135 (including bar)
I feel good about the long road back. 
I’m not a talker at the gym.  I focus on my workout and taking my wife through her workout.  I am a head nod’r and “Good Morning”  guy.  I acknowledge those who are there during the times we workout. Seriously – not sure how you can see someone almost every morning and not acknowledge their existence.  There are guys like that.  Not me.
Finished the workout and was in the locker room packing up.  Another guy who I see a couple of times a week turns to me and asks:  

“How old are you guys?”  

Huh? and he repeats the question.  I chuckle and respond “We are both 71.  Why?”

He looks at me and says: “You are in great shape!”  

“Thanks”  “How old are you?” I asked.  


I returned the compliment – “You are good shape as well.”  

“Not like you.”  

I laugh and say “Have a good weekend” as we walk out the door.

No question that my effort is paying off.  Others have noticed.  Always nice to get a compliment.
BTW:  The next 52 Day Challenge starts on Wednesday October 28th.  These Challenges have kept me focused on my workout and I will keep them up. 
Just realized, I never reported my final results from the last challenge. So – here they are my final numbers for Friday, October 2, 2015 – Day 52 (100%)
  • Clean Eats: 97/104/96 (101.04%)
  • Resistance Training: 20/20 (100%)
  • Cardio Training: 20/20 (100%)
  • Personal Goal 1: (Push-ups): 2650/2600 (101.92%)
  • Personal Goal 2: (Chin-ups): 930/520 (178.85%)
I’m getting ready for the next Challenge – just need to update my workout.  Project for this weekend.