The Men’s Health 2015 Classic 52 Day Challenge – starts this Wednesday, October 28th.  I’ve been doing these Challenges since the Summer of 2008.  5 Peer Run Challenges each year.  They have been and continue to be a tremendous way for me to keep my focus and to keep my weight off for the past 8 years.

If you are not familiar with these Challenges, check out the Men’s Health 52DC Forum. Browse around.  Read the History and how the “Classic” came to be.  Read through the FAQs – there is a huge amount of information that will get you started.  Then SIGN UP and be part of a great group.

I’ve updated my Resistance Training program for this Challenge.  Since I’m still working on regaining strength after the mess of this past Winter, the program is a continuation of the last one with some minor tweaks.  Here is Phase 19 of my  Design It Yourself Workout Series.

I will be continuing my warm-up/stretch routine before each workout.  I am now ending that with a set of 50 push-ups. The Resistance Training days will alternate with Cardio days.  I’m pretty much a fast 4-4.5 mph walk for 20 minutes.  Not sure if I will ever take it back to a run. Time will tell.

I look forward to seeing you at the Starting Line.