It is sad – but in my mind – pleated pants = fat guy pants.  Yes – I know that does not make any sense – but 60+ years of being on again – off again – FAT – leave you with scars.

While I was losing weight – and almost at the end game, I had run out of clothing. Seriously – 80 pounds later – you do not have much by the way of cloths. I had given away all of my fat cloths – some with tags still on them.  Good Will just smiled and took the bags.

I needed to replace all that I had lost with business clothing – Suits and dress pants. Normally you buy maybe one suit a year to freshen up your wardrobe. Nope – I needed a whole new wardrobe from underwear on out. Given my job – much of that had to be business level – suits and similar attire.  

I found a very nice suit at a reasonable price. Actually – kinda sharp.  But – it had pleats. Bought it anyway. Not my favorite piece of clothing since it was a loose fit and pleated pants. That is clothing for a fat man.  Bought a couple of more suits that fell into that category – they were affordable and fit.

As my body shape continued to change with exercise, I finally found 3 suits without pleated pants that were tailored for a thinner guy. Sim Fit. Happiness.

This morning, I put on that original suit. I had not worn it since last winter – hey – it fit – can’t complain. As I walked past the full length mirror, I glanced and thought – damn – Pleated Pants do not make a thin man look fat. Look’n good. 

While I was at the office, a friend dropped bye.  She was a model in her former life and still had a good eye for style.  She saw me in the suit and without prompting said “pleats on a thin man – don’t make you look fat.” She chased me around the office trying to take a picture.  Not my game.

So what’s the moral of this story – pleated pants do not make a thin man look fat.

Increase your options – get thin.