My wife and I went out to lunch at a local restaurant near my office.  Not fancy but decent food for breakfast and lunch. Not my idea of a place to go for dinner. You can order relatively “clean” with a bit of effort.

I ordered the lunch special:  Half an avocado stuffed with shrimp salad with a Greek Salad. Yes – there were hidden carbs – but on the whole – not a bad dish.

The specials came with soup, drink or dessert.  I usually get a cup of clear chicken broth.  Not bad, not good just OK.  This time I chose the Manhattan Clam Chowder – that’s the red kind.

I know it has cubes of potatoes in it. I spent the first bit of time picking them out and then enjoying the small amount of soup and the one clam piece. When I was finished, I put the potatoes back in the bowl. Amazing the amount.

My wife just sat and laughed. She had a diet soda and saved herself the potato removal project.

Check it out.
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