Another Challenge is in the bag. Yesterday was the last day of the Classic Challenge.  Today is the reporting day – also called The Finish Line.

Here are my Final Numbers for the 2015 Classic 52DC

Clean Eats: 98/104/96 (102.08%) 
Resistance Training: 22/20 (110%) 
Cardio Training: 22/20 (110%) 
Personal Goal 1 (Push-ups): 2600/2600 (100%)  
Personal Goal 2 (Chin-ups): 600/520 (115.38%)  

Another Platinum award to hang on the wall.  The Challenge may be over, but we still went to the gym this morning and got in another RT. Tomorrow – is a Cardio Day. I just keep on truck’n. Well – almost – went out to dinner with friends before they left for warmer climes for the winter. Burned a CE on a funeral pyre. 

I’ve go to spend some real time re-thinking and re-designing my workout. May want to add back some kettle bell swings or battle ropes. Time will tell.

The next Challenge – the Winter 2016 52DC starts on January 6th. Hope to see all of you at the starting Line.