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This is not related to your blog post but is about a subject close to our interests. You may have deduced that I am especially interested in running (long distances)’ This is from site that I am subscribed to:

Thanks, Gordon! This is good stuff!
How do these older athletes do what they do counter to the normal
physiological decline?
Could it be as simple as determination?
We study the obvious physical qualities we can measure to see how these 80 and 90 year old athletes are different, but the answer is more likely in their minds.
My Mother is 90 and has had severe osteoporosis at least since age 75. She exercises 5 days a week, moves so fast it is hard for younger people to keep up with her and stands straight as a narrow – all 5 feet and 90 pounds of her. Her weight has not changed since she was 18 years old except during her 12 pregnancies. She takes one medication once a day for blood pressure at a very small dose. I don’t think it is so much genetics as her determination to enjoy life as much as she can.
Determination, or really wanting something and being willing to work hard to get it and never giving up – it is not everything but it is a huge
factor of success.
Merry Christmas! In 2016, go after something you always wanted to be able to do but gave up thinking you could!

On Friday, December 25, 2015, Gordon Cherr posted the link to the story in Science Daily reporting on the American Journal of Physiology — Cell Physiology study.

He concluded:
Any thoughts on this one? I think Julie Alstairs has a good observation regarding her own mother and what we need ourselves.
That study reported:
To the researchers’ surprise, the muscle fibers of masters athletes contracted at a speed and force similar to those of older non-athlete adults, not the young adults. Success in high-performance sports in old age does not appear to be due to maintained contraction capability of the fibers, Power says.
No Question – determination is their secret.  Just keep on keep’n on and your body will adapt and find away of supporting your goals.
Jim – thanks for the great information.  Makes signing up for the upcoming 52DC that much more important.