The following was printed in the January/February 2016 issue of Men’s Health magazine, page 12, by Alwyn Cosgrove, author of the New Rules of Lifting series.

With the 52 Day Challenge starting up on January 6th, it seems appropriate to quote it here and now.

My best coaching technique is to establish process goals as opposed to outcome goals. An outcome goal is ‘I will lose 10 pounds’ or ‘I will run 5K in 25 minutes.’ A process goal is ‘I will exercise 20 times by February 1′ or ‘I will lift weights three times a week’ or ‘I will have 1 cup of vegetable soup every night before dinner.’ Emphasizing the process takes your focus away from success and failure and shifts it to punching the clock and completing the small steps necessary to improve. I once used this strategy to do 240 work outs in a year.

This is exactly what the Goals in the 52DC do – they lay out a process.  Here are my goals from the last challenge.  My new ones will be similar.

Clean Eating: 96 clean eats out of a possible 104 (There are 2 clean eat periods in a day.)

Resistance Training: 20 workouts in 52 days

Cardio Training: 20 workouts in 52 days

Personal Goal 1: 2,600 push-ups (50 per day for 52 days)

Personal Goal 2: 520 chin-ups (10 per day for 52 days)

I just keep on truck’n and day by day they fall into place. And – using this technique I do damn close to 240 workouts in a year.

Here is a link to the 52DC Forum and to the 52DC FAQs which gives an in-depth explanation.

The Sign Up Thread should be posted shortly.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Starting Line.