The Sign-Up post is up.  The Weight Loss Challenge Sign-Up post is up. The Tracking Spread Sheets for for the Winter Challenge and the Full 2016 year are attached to the updated FAQs.

Although many of us are still in holiday mode, the Challenge is coming together and we know we need it.

Winter finally arrived in the Northeast.  Woke up to Snow/Sleet/freezing rain yesterday.  Too dangerous to drive to the gym, rolled over and went to sleep.

This morning, I dug out all my Winter wool pants.  It has been a solid 6-8 months since I wore them.  Hallelujah – they fit.  

It is a joy to be able to rotate my seasonal clothing and have them actually fit.  So many years of not being able to get into last year’s cloths.  Year after year – the weight just kept going up.  Now – pretty much steady.

No – my weight does not stay at one number day in and day out. After all – I am human and this holiday season has been rough.  Still – a couple of pounds up and down is different than a couple of dozen pounds up – up – up and away.

The 52DC is my steady weight secret. It keeps me focused – not only on my fitness but on my eating. And ……. that is why I already signed up.

See you at the Starting Line on Wednesday January 6th.