Came across this article from The HealthSite out of India: 5 Ways a Low Carb Diet Damages Your Body.  This article really annoyed me for all the misinformation provided under the claim of Health Information.

I had thought about going through all 5 of the “Reasons” and blowing them out of the water. The whole article raised my blood pressure and I could not find the right words – other than cursing and ranting. So the refutation went on the back burner.

One of the items that really galled me was the one about Cholesterol Levels:

Bad for the heart: According to a research conducted in Sweden for over 25 years, a low carb is like a fad diet and increases cholesterol level which in turn impacts your heart health.

Note that there is no reference to the “research” which would allow you to go the extra step and look behind the statement.

Yesterday, I had my every 6 month well “baby” visit with my Primary Care Physician. Actually, his PA. I got a kick out of his expressions as he went through my Blood Work. He got to the Triglycerides – 51 and just looked at me. Then the HDL at 115 and he had to stop and ask me questions. He really didn’t know anything about a Ketogenic diet – amusing. He thought my numbers had to do with exercise. Seriously – I work out 6 days a week but no where near the intensity level that would really impact the numbers.

I track my Cholesterol levels over the last eight years. Here is the updated Chart which includes the latest results.

The other 4 “damages” of eating low carb as listed in the HealthSite are:

  • Shortens your life span.
  • Makes you dumb.
  • Does not aide weight loss.
  • Causes digestive problems.

I could ignore this article if it was not getting so much play in the various news gathering apps. Read it – you be the judge.