Just a short personal story.

Each Friday morning, I have a business networking breakfast meeting. I’ve been a part of this group for the past 15-16 years.  I joined just after it was founded.  Most of the original members have “turned over.” There are only a few of us still in the group. Out of 30 – maybe 5. Most of the rest have never seen me at my heaviest.

This past Friday, I was drinking my coffee when one guy comes running up to me. “Jane has a picture of the group from 2003. I can’t believe how heavy you were.”

I swallowed hard. As much as I enjoy talking about my weight loss, those pictures tend to be an embarrassment. They remind me just how out of control my eating was.

I watched as the group picture went around the room. So many people pointed to the same spot in the picture and then looked over at me. 

When I finally saw the picture, I was surprised how young I looked. It was some 12 years ago. Yes – I was noticeably fat – but – still – a younger man. 

We live in a digital world. Pictures of our past – never fade away. Nor should they. Good or bad – it is who we were – and what made us the person we are today.

My Two Year Anniversary Pictures – tell my story in words and Pictures.