I grew up in a very rural area. Three room school house – grades K-8. Really. Hard to believe – but hey – that was then – this is now.

Since there were no school buses, you either got a ride with a parent, walked to school or road your bike. We were taught – as part of our curriculum – the rules of the road: where and how to walk or ride your bike.

The school was on top of a hill. The Principal – who was also the 6th, 7th and 8th grade teacher, would stand at the best point to watch us. If we did not follow the rules – we heard about it the next day – or our parents heard about it by the time we got home.

I now live in a suburban area. Some sections are developments, others are more rural in character. There are main roads and some really narrow back country roads as well.

The weather has warmed up, so there are Runners, Dog Walkers and Bikes galore sharing the roadways with cars. Obviously – no one taught them the rules.

There is one lady who worked out at one of the gyms I belonged to years ago. She was really focused on resistance training and very possessive of the equipment she was using. She also runs – a lot. Miles upon miles. But she runs on the roadway – even when there is a side walk – and always runs With Traffic. I pass her every morning either on the way to or back from the gym. My wife is fed up with my constant comments.

There is one very large guy who walks a very large dog on a narrow rural road – again With Traffic. Every morning I swerve to avoid hitting him or his dog.

There are those on bikes – expensive bikes and dressed to the hilt in the latest gear and wear – Riding 2-3 abreast in the middle of the road – at least – most of the time riding With Traffic.

I decided to look it up – yep – what I learned all those many years ago in elementary school  – still holds true. It is clearly spelled out in my states Vehicle and Traffic Law.

If you are on your feet – walking or running – do it on the sidewalk. If on the roadway – face traffic and keep close to your right. If you’re with a group running on the road then single file.

If you are on wheels – use the specific bike lane if there is one. If on the roadway – then the general rules that apply to motor vehicles apply to you – including single file and stay to the far right.

None of this is rocket science – so why is it hard to fathom?

I am going to assume that most all areas have pretty much the same rules – after all – they are just common sense.  Are the rules in your area different?

Rant over! No – I am not going to talk about cell phone usage by the walkers, runners, bikers and drivers. That is for another day.