Today is the first day of Spring. There is a fresh coating of snow on the ground. Luckily it did not stick to the roadways, so we were able to get to the gym.

Wednesday, March 23rd starts the Spring 2016 52 Day Challenge. I have been doing these since the summer of 2008. They are a real help in keeping me focused on exercise and eating right.

If you want more information, here is the direct link to the 52DC FAQs.

My Goals for this Challenge:

  • Clean Eating: 96 half day units out of a possible 104 half days
  • Resistance Training: 15 workouts
  • Cardio Training: 15 workouts
  • Personal Goal #1: 2600 push-ups – 50 a day average
  • Personal Goal #2: 510 chin-ups – 10 a day  average
  • Personal Goal #3: Weight Loss Challenge – To Be Determined when I get on the Scale Wednesday morning (not my best winter).

This is going to be a tough challenge for me. There are significant number of family obligations and events that a going to prevent me from exercising and mess up my eating plan. BUT – without setting goals and being accountable to myself and my fellow Challengers – I just might slide into a sorry pit of ……… well you know what I mean.

Here is the link to the Sign-up thread.

See you all at the Starting Line.