There is a Witch Hunt going on in South Africa. Tim Noakes has been accused of Sorcery and is undergoing a Trial by Fire. Wait – you don’t know who he is. He’s South Africa’s Atkins. They are  going after his medical license.  

South Africa’s regulatory body for health professionals lodged a formal complaint and has been holding a series of hearings against him generally reserved for doctors who commit fraud or harm patients. His medical license is at stake. Noakes’s detractors see a respected, powerful person who gave dangerous advice. He and his supporters and lawyers see a personal vendetta against a contrarian prompted by food companies that need people to eat carbs.  

They may be going after him because of his position of eating low carb. Check out his book The Real Meal Revolution. But the hook – his response on Twitter to a question by a mother who was nursing her baby.

The saga started in 2014 where so many conflicts arise these days: Twitter. Noakes fired off a tweet to a woman who asked whether a low carb, high fat diet was OK for breastfeeding mothers. He responded it was, and the key was to “ween baby onto LCHF.” 

I may be a fan of health care professionals who support the concept of LCHF as opposed to what mainstream diets have been for the past 40 years – BUT – I am not a fan of Twitter. Professionals should not dispense advice in that format. 140 characters is not enough room to say what must be said. 

He shot himself in the foot. Still – standing alone – is what he said in that Twitter discourse a reason to revoke his license – or merely sanction him?

Similar complaints have been filed against Oprah’s favorite – Dr. Oz.

I am not his judge. I do not know the rules of the game in South Africa nor a clear understanding of the complaint against him.

Unfortunately – this has turned into a trial of the validity of LCHF as a safe dietary approach.

Note: This was published on 4-6-2016 but when I checked this morning – it was back to being a draft – I’ve no understanding of what happened.