The Spring 52 Day Challenge ended on Friday May 13th. I’ve done these Challenges since the summer of 2008. 5 – 52 day challenges a year – 260 days each year. They keep me focused on my fitness and health. No Question!

My Final numbers for the Spring 2016 Challenge. 

CE: 98/102/96 (102.08%) 
RT: 22/20 (110%) 
CT: 22/20 (110%) 
PG1 (Push-ups): 2600/2600 (100%) 
PG2 (Chin-ups): 630/520 (121.15%) 
PG3 (WLC): 0/6 (0%) 

You can see that the Main Goals were achieved – but the attempt to shed a couple of pounds did not happen. Did I gain muscle – you bet I did. Just need to measure that by the weights and reps. They go up – only if you are increasing muscle mass.

Weight loss may have been my biggest failure – but – my biggest success – Pull-ups and I don’t mean diapers.

I’ve avoided Pull-ups (palms forward – shoulder or greater width apart) and restricted myself to Chin-ups (palms towards body – no greater than shoulder width apart) so that I did not stress my  right Rotator Cuff. Messed that one up years ago. 

I set a goal of 10 a day. Since I am not near a pull-up bar every day, I need to do closer to 20 per workout. Been doing this for a couple of Challenges. Finally said – let’s go for it. Unreal – got it done. Now I mix the two types – chin & pull-ups – into the workout. I also do leg lifts as a part of each rep.

Never ceases to amaze me that others notice and comment on my doing. It’s a good feeling to be “one of those guys” who can just grab a bar and pull himself up. 

Wasted all too many years doing assisted chin-ups. Never made any progress. Finally focused on doing Negatives and other exercises that played into the same movement and eliminated all exercises that exhausted the muscles without advancing the goal.Took awhile – but got it done.

The Summer 52DC starts on Wednesday June 1st. I’ll be there.Will You? You can Sign-up HERE. There are links in that post to the FAQs and other information – explore – read – and sign on.

My goals for the Summer may look the same, but the underlying workouts will be different. Sharpening the pencil to design those. I do know that I will continue to work on my form in doing those Pull-ups. The rule – Form follows Function – proper Form is necessary to increase the quality of the exercise.