There is no question that this household will cook anything on the Grill. I’ve been known to shovel a path in the snow or for that matter chop a path through the ice to get to the Grill.

We will grill veggies and meats of any type – seriously – we know no bounds.

Mix the prepared and cleaned veggies in olive oil and then dump them on a grilling tray with holes. No Problem. Grill some Garlic cloves and big slices of onion with them. Season to taste with what ever. Dynamite.

Salmon – prepared on those planks – just got to remember to soak the planks the day before. Lemon, dill and some basil.

Meats – be it steak or chicken or whatever – now we’ve got a problem. Just plain salt & pepper  is good the first time – but after that – boring.

I’ve taken a can of crushed tomatoes and blended it with some seasoning including a bit of Stevia. Then I’ve got to stand there and periodically brush the mixture onto the chicken.

Can’t use a commercial BBQ sauce – it is flavored sugar. Tastes great – but not where I want to be.

End result – Dry Spice Rubs. There are a multitude of recipes on the web. Just gotta be careful on two fronts – Sugar and Salt.

Sugar – is an approach avoidance conundrum. If you analyze most rubs – the amount of sugar that ends up on one serving is just not bad. Still – Stevia is an alternative.

I’ve been playing around with different Spice Rubs – click HERE for the various recipes that I’ve tried.

The Mocha Brown Sugar Rub is the way to go. Brown Sugar actually has less Carbs than regular Sugar. Get the fake one from Splenda – which reduces the Sugar level even more and go for it. Seriously – the per serving amount is just not bad.

I’ve started frequenting Penzeys – a Spice Store at our local Mall. They have a substantial on-line store as well.

This is a fun way to go – and make it through the BBQ season pretty much intact.