I’ve completed 8 years as part of the the 52 Day Challenge. 5 Challenges a year – 40 Challenges completed. Heading into number 42 – and not getting tired or bored.

These Challenges keep me focused on my fitness and health. Even when sidelined for injury – I’m there rooting on the other Challengers. An ever changing great group of people from all corners of the world.

You don’t need to follow any specific fitness regime or diet. It is up to you to set your own path. The experience of others guides you along journey.

My goals this Challenge are a bit less than the last time – since I will be away for a week with little if any chance to exercise.

Clean Eating: 96/104

Resistance Training: 15 sessions

Cardio Training: 15 sessions

PG1: 2,600 push ups –  50/day

PG2: 520 Chin/pull ups – 10 a day – this is gonna be tough – since I will not be able to do any for the week I’m away. Just have to double up on days I’ve got a bar.

Check out the Men’s Health 52DC Forum. Read the Announcement, the FAQs and then Sign-up.

Hope to see you at the Starting Line – let me know if you sign-up.