Years ago, I managed to mess up my right Rotator Cuff. Did that from a wide, palms forward pull down trying to work my way up to a pull-up. That ended any attempt at pull-ups and chin-ups along with a lot of other movements.

I came across the Cuban Press as a method of rehabing the right shoulder and strengthening both shoulders for a time I could get back to focusing on pull-ups. Started out with 2 pound weights – yes – almost air – but damn necessary starting point. I am now at 15 pounds – will not go higher – at least not at this point. Took years. Now I am doing pull-ups mixed in with my chin-up sets. No pain in the shoulder. 🙂

I also have my wife doing them as part of her continuing rehabilitation from a severe stroke.

Did them this morning. I just sat down at the computer and came across this Cuban Press Facebook post from Men’s Health. Check it out. Add this to your program.