It is now over one month since the Men’s Health Forums – went to hell.

Just at the time the Fall 52DC was starting – all hell broke loose. We have no idea how many individuals have been unable to log in. We do not know if many could not sign up or once signed up – could not post. This is severely detrimental to the 52DC.

It is not just the general public – but – the Moderators themselves.

Last visit date as of 9/22/16:

Rookie – 8/16/16 – Moderator

MacDaddy – 8/19/16 – Moderator

Baseball mom024 – 8/19/16 – Challenger

Winemann – 8/25/16 – Challenger

Ibizan – 9/8/16 – Moderator – was locked out for a week and then on. But now – it has been 13 days since he’s been on. We can only hope that he is on vacation – since he is the last Mod standing. At this point – I doubt it.

Others have manged to get on from in different ways – using a different computer, operating system or circuitous sign on methods.

It is disappointing that an entity as big as Men’s Health can’t fix the problem. Of course their Facebook site is going full blast.

Beyond understanding.