I started my three pronged improvement program on March 12, 2007: (1) Exercising, (2) Eating Very Low Carb High Fat, and (3) dieting for weight loss. Since I did all three at once – it is hard to discern which individual effort or what combination of them has caused any change in my health. Oh yes – there have been changes – many of them – which I have documented on this Blog.

The changes in my blood work are ones that can be scientifically identified. The change in my weight can be measured. The change in my strength can be measured. But there are more subtle changes that happen over time and are difficult to actually measure.

Indigestion. I always had a bottle of antacids floating around. Invariably, I would pop a couple at least once a week – if not more. It wasn’t until a house guest asked me for an antacid – after she and her family spent a day touring and eating in the City – that I realized I had not taken any in years. Even now – I almost never use them.

Psoriasis. I have a mild case of Psoriasis. I slowly noticed that the amount of “patches” had decreased significantly, as did my reliance on various prescription creams.

Headaches. Over the years, I’ve relied upon aspirin when I had a headache. There was always a bottle in the medicine cabinet. It wasn’t until this Article about the possible impact of a Ketogenic diet on Migraines, that I realized I had not popped an aspirin for a headache in years. (Note – the articles reporting this study appear in many forms – some slant it – even the title of this article is at odds with the content.)

“We concluded that the ketogenic diet was the reason for that improvement,” Di Lorenzo recently told ResearchGate. A further study also found that a high-fat ketogenic diet helped reduce long-lived “cluster headaches” in non-overweight patients.

A more comprehensive discussion of the Research is contained in this Article: “Less carbs, more fat: ketogenic diet makes migraine patients’ headaches disappear.

No – I am not subject to migraines – happily – just the normal and usual (?) headache. Now – I question – is it so normal and usual?

The reality is simple – Clean up your lifestyle and you will clean up your health.