I see my PCP (Primary Care Physician) twice a year. Yesterday was my day. Got a Flu Shot and a Pneumonia Shot. Got a minimal amount of blood drawn for Cholesterol measurement.

He used to send me to a lab to get my Blood work done. Now – he does it in house with his handy dandy new piece of equipment – the Alere Cholestech LDX. I still have to fast – but I don’t need to go to a lab and hang out for an hour or more.

So Doc – how did my blood test turn out?

Your Cholesterol is Off The Charts!” He responded.

My heart sank – fear showed its ugly face. How could I go from years of positive measures to this? Send me back to the Lab.

Your HDL is greater than 100, so the machine can’t give us a number.

Your Triglycerides are less than 45, so the machine can’t give us a number.

End result – the calculated measures for LDL can’t be done.

My numbers are off the chart – but in a positive direction. Happiness.

Oh BTW – Blood Pressure – 117/70. Pulse rate – 56.

Who said eating a Ketogenic Diet was unhealthy?