I love headlines. Particularly those that herald a Magical – Secret way of preventing Diabetes. They get our attention – but they don’t really do more than draw lines in the sand.

So goes the recent press release on a University of Michigan Study.

Three low-carb meals within 24 hours lowers post-meal insulin resistance by more than 30 percent, but high-carb meals sustain insulin resistance, a condition that leads to high blood pressure, prediabetes and diabetes, according to a University of Michigan study.

The study also found that two hours of moderate-intensity exercise, which is supposed to lower insulin resistance and blood sugar levels, has no impact on these results. To the contrary, blood sugar levels increase after the exercise, said Katarina Borer, professor in the School of Kinesiology and principal investigator in a study done with doctoral student Po-Ju Lin, now at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

But read and see.

In the U-M study, 32 post-menopausal metabolically healthy women were divided into four groups and given meals of either 30 or 60 percent carbohydrates with or without moderate-intensity exercise before meals. The low-carb group showed a reduction in insulin resistance after the third meal in the evening, but the high-carb group sustained high post-meal insulin, Borer said.

  • First- the study is very small – 32 individuals. This is just too small for too short a time be meaningful.
  • Second – the group was post-menopausal metabolically healthy women – 50 to 65 years of age. Not sure why they chose this group but – anecdotal information has shown that this is a group whose hormones are “different” and have always had a more difficult time losing weight on a Low Carb diet.
  • Third – The reduction in the percent of carbohydrates went from 60% to 30%. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet – one group ate 1,200 calories or 300 grams of Carbs while the other ate 600 calories or 150 grams of Carbs.

If you want to read a more complete discussion of the Study check it out here.

I love reading positive reports – but ones like this – merely get critics all lined up to tear it apart.

Still – those of us who eat low carb – are not surprised by even this small change on one day.