Tomorrow I have my left hip replaced. I may very well be in the hospital for Thanksgiving. Some thoughts:

The hospital meals are the classic high carb – low fat – low salt meals. By the time I complain – I’ll be out of there.

If they discharge me on Turkey Day – It will disrupt everyone’s Thanksgiving and they will believe they have to bring it all to my house. I’ll be happy with whatever the hospital serves.

The new hip will increase my weight by a pound or more.

I will not be able to exercise – in the manner I want to – for many months. But – I may be able to go back on the Treadmill without pain.

Eating at home for several weeks will help control my weight. Not being able to imbibe while taking pain killers will also help my weight.

Not being in pain along with the pain killers – should make for a better night’s sleep.

Balance Pain versus disruption of my normal life – Pain rules the day – Surgeon – do your thing!