I weigh myself every morning when I get up and after I relieve myself. I then record the weight. A bit compulsive – no doubt – but I really do not want to allow myself to lose control – again.

I weighed myself on Tuesday morning before Surgery and recorded it. I got home on Friday and weighed myself on Saturday morning. My expectations: + 3-4 pounds eating Hospital Carb High meals, and +1-2 pounds for the increased weight of the prosthetic, and 2-3 pounds for all the meds and stuff shoveled into me  and MINUS 2 pounds for the bulk of foods I was not eating. So – I expected a maximum of 8-10 pounds – but 15 pounds – what – how – where – when? Weighed myself again this morning – still there.

The surgery went well. No big surprises. The Doc believes he has added 1/2 inch to my leg to allow it to be the same length as the other one. Here’s hoping.

The Nurses, Aides, and Physical Therapists were all surprised at my ability to function post surgery. No question – all the exercising helped. One aide who was there to take blood, asked me – do you work out? Not sure what he saw but I really don’t believe I have big guns. Maybe it is just what he expected for a guy my age.

Now I am dealing with a leg that is swollen beyond belief. Took my wife 20 minutes to get a compression stocking on to it. Same thing happened last time – everyone panicked and I was sent for a scan to confirm that I did not have a DVT – I didn’t.

I have a chart of various OTC and Rx meds to take throughout the day. Both Long Acting Oxycontin and Short Acting Oxycodone. Trying to stay away from the Short Acting as best I can.

Yesterday, the Home Aid Service Nurse and PT guy were here for an assessment and to set up their schedule over the next week. For some reason – the nurse believes that I need a further review today. Not sure why.

BTW – I acknowledge that my brain is not as clear as it could/should be – but pain or brain – pain wins.