I have never been a big fan of unilateral exercises, but I do them – or at least some of them.

I now find myself in a situation where those exercises have really been a boon to my recovery.

Think about it. I had surgery on my left hip. That means I have significant limitations on my left leg. There are a series of “Precautions” that you are instructed to follow. These are mainly designed to assure that you do not dislocate the prosthesis while it is healing or dislocate the ball joint – once in place and before the muscles and tendons heal.

Oddly – I avoid much of the problem because of my ability to use one leg. The single leg bench get-ups being one of the most helpful exercises done prior to surgery. All those Ab workouts – especially hanging leg lifts – paid off. Getting into bed by locking my abs and just swinging my legs onto the bed have amazed those who where there to lift my legs onto and off the bed.

And as a side note: All the upper body workouts really help when you are stuck using a Walker.

No matter what the latest study says – doing real resistance training at any age is worth the effort.

BTW: About 50% of that strange 15 pound weight gain has come off. It will probably take another couple of weeks for all of it to dissipate and find my New Normal.

I am hoping to be able to join the Winter 2017 52 Day Challenge when it starts on Wednesday, January 4th.