I’ve moved from relying on a Walker to a Cane. In the morning, when I’ve got the most strength, I am able to move around without any assistance. Of Course, I am in my own home and have a million items to grab onto if necessary. By the end of the day, I need those assists.

The biggest shock upon arriving home was the Weight Gain – 15 pounds. This morning’s weigh-in showed a loss of 10 pounds. Still – very strange. I am only eating at home and only low carb foods. Also – no alcohol – does not seem like a good idea to mix a glass if wine with OxyContin. My wife has lost 5 pounds eating this way with me. Following her lead – I should have lost an additional 10 more pounds. Damnation!

The left – post surgical leg – is still swollen. The ankle is scary. Gets bigger as the day progresses. Putting on the compression stockings is annoying – more for my wife who has the very hard job of doing this, than me who merely suffers the indignity. Last go round – the swelling of the right leg was so bad that both the nurse and my PCP recommended getting a DVT scan. This time – I am not panicking. The prescribed blood thinner – a 325 Aspirin once a day. After 30 days, back to the baby aspirin.

Getting a full night’s sleep is a trick. I pretty much am locked into sleeping on my back. If I roll to one side – I will wake in pain. Once up, I’ve got to go for a walk to shake it off. End result – I sleep in two hour intervals. Not happiness. 

I have a serious case of Cabin Fever. Given the mess I got myself into last time, I will tough it out a bit longer. My main excursion out is this coming Thursday when I have a Follow Up visit with the Surgeon.

Still – No Complaints – the pain that I suffered pre-surgery is gone. It has been replaced by the surgical pain – but that will slowly dissipate. With a bit of luck – I will end up relatively pain free.