Two weeks ago today, I was waiting my turn to be prep’d for hip replacement surgery. You never look forward to significant surgery – but living with real pain is not the best option. I did not want to start down the road to pain killer dependency. 

For the most part the surgery was uneventful. It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and the hospital was seeing a down turn in the number of surgeries and patients. Four days of quiet. A bit boring, but no real complaints. You don’t go to a hospital to eat Zagat’s rated cuisine.

Since being at home, I was seen by a Nursing Service that provided home Nursing and Physical Therapy. Nice people. Good alternative to being in a residential rehab facility. 

Yesterday was my last visit with the Physical Therapist. Nice Guy. We took a walk outside – scared me as I passed the place on my driveway where I fell and screwed up my right leg less than 3 weeks post surgery. He recommended that my Doc provide a Script for out-patient PT as a bridge from where I am to getting back to the Gym.

Today was my last visit with the Nurse and signing off on my “discharge” from these services. 

I still have two more weeks of meds lined up on the counter. I will continue to take the twice a day Oxycontin, not sure for how much longer. Will probably decrease it to once a day – at night – to make sure it has no impact on driving. The 4 hour Oxycodone is a back-up pain med which I have only take before I go to sleep.

Just not pushing myself. I want to be up and back at the gym for the start of the Winter 52 Day Challenge on January 4, 2017.

Almost forgot – as of this morning – my weight is within a 1/2 pound of my pre-surgery weight. Given the weight of the prosthetic – I’m pretty much back to where I had been.