Had my follow-up meeting with the surgeon on Thursday. A number of bits and pieces were discussed.

He was happy with the x-rays and the healing progress of the incision.

I wanted to wean myself off the heavy duty pain killers – initially during the day time – so that I could drive and have a clear mind to work. Tylenol was the way to go – not Aleve which could not be taken while I am still taking Meloxicam.

He managed to add approximately 1/2 inch to my left leg to even out what had occurred after I messed up my right leg.

He showed me the positions that would endanger the new ball joint. Hope I got that fully incorporated.

He does not believe that I really needed out patient Physical Therapy – just walk a lot. He still gave me a Script for PT if I felt I needed it.

He does not want me to get down on the floor for floor exercises – yet. He’ll make that determination at our next meeting in a month.

Based on his position, my wife and I went to the gym this morning. 

I did 100 Swiss ball crunches, making sure that it was a larger ball and I was fully stabilized.

I passed by the chin-up bar and did 5. This was the lower bar where I need to lift my legs off the floor – safer.

Headed to the Treadmill. I have not done the Treadmill in a couple of years. Once my hips started to deteriorate, the Treadmill just caused pain. I had defaulted to a recumbent bike of one form or another.

18 minutes walking on the Treadmill. Started at a half mile per hour and increase to one mile an hour. Yep – crawling – but damn – I did it and did not experience the pain I had previously experienced. Yes – new pain – from the surgery – but that will vanish as time goes on. Oh yeah – held onto the sidebars for dear life.

I will continue with the gym and see if I can increase the various exercises and avoid going to Physical Therapy. Time will tell.

My goal is simple. Be ready for the start of the Winter 52 DC on Wednesday, January 4th.

BTW: It is now 18 days post surgery. My weight is down about 1 pound below my morning of surgery weight. Eating at home, sure impacts my weight. Cold weather – stuck at home – equals – make soup. We made Mushroom Soup. Turned out really tasty and fully Plan A. I just it posted as a recipe page. Check it out – Here.