This post could easily degrade into a complaining rant – but – please – don’t view it that way.

It is 23 days from the day I had my left hip replaced. I went back to work pretty much full time this week. In order to do that, I had to give up the heavy duty pain killers for daytime. That is the only way you can drive and think – almost clearly.

It takes me easily double the normal time to do everything to get ready to leave the house. No kidding. Time is not on my side.

I would have hoped that I would have been able to spend time at the gym each morning – forgedaboudit.

Just going through my normal toileting, showering and dressing takes double the time.

By mid day, I can feel the drag. By 4:00pm, I am worthless. Driving is an all out effort.

Home at night is a waste. More often then not, I will fall asleep while reading the news on the computer. My wife wakes me.

The old saying – that your body re-directs its energy needs to where it must – is damnably true. I’ve never had it hit me quite this hard.

No complaints – every day – is just a bit better. Every day I can do more. January 4th is just ahead. I’ll be there.