The Winter 2017 – 52 Day Challenge starts Wednesday, January 4th.

I had to drop out of the “Classic” Challenge half way through when my left hip replacement surgery was scheduled for November 22nd. Following that – I had virtually no exercise for close to 30 days. I’ve recently started back at the gym. Wow! – It is amazing how quickly you lose muscle.

I still have significant limitations both from the “healing” process and the Doc’s orders. The biggest Doctor directed limitation: No floor exercises. So – no push-ups, no planks, no hip raises, no stretching, and no etc., etc, etc. I see him on January 12th, 8 days after the start of the Challenge. Hopefully, I will be able to increase the range and variety of exercises.

I have one major goal for this Challenge: Get back to where I was on November 21st, the day before surgery. (Except for my weight, which is down 5 pounds. I’ll try to maintain that loss.)

If you’ve ever given thought to joining this Challenge – Now is the Time to Sign-Up. Make this the first step towards achieving your New Year’s Resolution.