Unintended Consequences – a term I’ve come to know all to well. It applies to so many areas of our lives. Some are positive – some are negative. In my life, those unintended consequences apply to several areas: VLCHF Eating – Weight Loss – Exercise – Hip Replacement Surgery. In no special order and not focusing on the positive or the negatives – but just the Consequence:

Hip Replacement Surgery:

I am super flat footed. Prior to any surgery, my right foot turned significantly outward. The Left foot did the same – but nowhere as much. Both legs are now pointed forward. Wonderful – but – 70 odd years of being flat footed, not only did my feet turn out – but the knees and ankles turned to support the body – along with all my muscles. Both knees now turn inward – kinda “knocked kneed.” The Surgeon said: “I can straighten out that knee.” Sorry – not so quick.

After the right hip was done, and I started driving, I realized that the seat and wheel adjustment where all wrong. Damn – my leg now gets in the way of the steering wheel.

My left leg – still figuring this one out – but my knees really – really hate me. My leg seems “loose” and not quite nailed into place – time will tell. I’ve been told that balance is not fully restored for close to a year. Leg/foot swelling – Six months.

After the right hip was done – I realized my right leg was 1/2 inch or more longer than my left. I had a lift made to insert into my left shoe. The surgeon lengthened my left leg to try and even me out. So far so Good. Does this mean I have regained 1/2 inch of age related lost height – can I carry more weight? Do my pants need to be re-sized?

But – I seem to have a real pain in the butt problem – which I finally have analyzed as a bout of Sciatica. Last bout – 20 years ago. Cause – effect – your guess is as good as mine.

The anesthesia for the first surgery caused a serious side effect which took several weeks to diagnosis. – That delay exacerbated the problem. Took several months to come out the other side. This time – I was aware of the possibility and was on top of it from 5 minutes after surgery. Same problem – just recovered faster. Had to be my own health care advocate when the specialist suggested a “temporary fix” that was not acceptable. – No – I am not going to elaborate.

All of my shoes have been worn down based on my feet turning out. Need to buy an entire wardrobe of new shoes – just have to wait until my foot stops swelling up.

……………..to be continued………………