I’ve written multiple posts about the positive changes from Weight Loss. So many – just hard to count. But – what if any – unintended consequences occurred?

Probably the one that none of us like – but acknowledge as a risk: Excess Skin. I’ve read multiple claims about reducing the risk by doing – this of that. Mostly – just BS.

For me – picture a balloon that has been blown up once too many times. It never regains its shape. It is all stretched out. Yep that’s me. The problem – for me at least – is that the excess skin around my middle hangs onto a load of fat. My pants should be a size 34 or less – not 36. Nothing that a Surgeon’s knife wouldn’t fix. Probably lose another 20 pounds.

I mentioned that to my PC Physician – boy did he go off on me. Something about a 40+ year marriage – what the hell did I need to do that for? He’s been our Doc for a long time.

No – I am not the only one. If you look at the clothing that the men wear at the end of the Biggest Loser – it is designed to hide that problem. Doesn’t take much to spot it.

When I started working with a top-notch personal trainer. He did a skin pinch measurement of my body fat. I told him it would not be accurate. 10% all over my body – 30% around my middle. Ah well.

Just call me Muffin Top. I wear it as a badge of courage.