I never exercised as a young man. Bluntly – I was in corrective gym supervised by a sadistic SOB. Pain, intimidation and degradation were the name of the game. It was 1958-62, an earlier day when you did not report mistreatment to your parents. 

It wasn’t until the late 70’s that my business partner and I went to a Nautilus gym. It took all the guts in the world to walk through that door. 

And so began my Start and Stop relationship with Exercise. More stops than starts.

This time around – I knew would be the last go round – do or die – literally.  Between the Weight Loss and the Exercise – my body changed – significantly. Hallelujah! I am buying thin cut clothing. Tapered shirts and suits. Happy as a Pig in Slop.

Then I set some exercise goals. I wanted to do a Century Push-up challenge – that is  100 push-ups in a row. Did it! Then I wanted to finally do unassisted Chin-ups. Really focused on that goal. Today – I do 50 push-ups and 15-25 Chin/pull-ups – almost daily. Really feel good about that.

So what is the unintended consequence? Slowly but surely the Slim cut shirts started to split around the arm holes. I finally realized – I had outgrown slim fit shirts and sport jackets because my upper body development had gotten too big for them.


My exercise goals had destroyed my weight loss dream of wearing Slim Fit clothing.

Not really sure how I feel about this. I will not stop doing the push-ups and the chin-ups. Nor any other upper body exercise. Just gonna have to find a tailor to modify my clothing.