On March 12, 2007, I started eating Very Low Carb – High Fat (VLCHF) Normal Protein. The sole purpose was to lose some weight. I ended up losing 80+ pounds. My wife and I found that eating this way actually fit our life style and tastes a lot better than Low Fat or Weight Watchers. As we became adapted to this form of nourishment and meal preparation things went beyond mere weight loss. I’ve discussed much of this in prior Blog posts, but some deserve re-telling, in no specific order.

  • In order to avoid Carbs, we went from eating a multitude of Highly Processed foods to just a limited amount. Even as Atkins and others have become the new WW with their highly processed products, we significantly limit our use, preferring whole foods.
  • Our blood work – from all directions has become just plain Super.
  • My mild case of Psoriasis has become almost – but not completely – gone.
  • I no longer get heart burn.
  • I rarely get headaches.
  • My ability to fend off “colds” has been surprising.
  • I’ve maintained my weight loss for over 9 years – something I have never been able to do before.

To what extent these are solely due to eating VLCHF or Weight Loss or Exercise – OR a combination of all three, I don’t know. I do know that having lost weight and exercised heavily in the past – that I did not have many of these results.

Oh – and yes – I have become the Answer Man for so many others who head down this path.