When I first went looking for a “Diet” book all those many years ago, 

I picked up Dana Carpender’s “Carb Gram Counter.” This was Low Carb dieting in a Nut Shell – peanut shell sized. The Classic Comic version would have been longer. We are talking maybe 15 pages of hard information in almost outline format.

From my Blog Post: Counting Carbs.

In that quick and dirty “how to” was a warning about eating too many foods sweetened with Sugar Alcohol. Bloating – Gas – Diarrhea. Over the years, I’ve experienced the negative effects – particularly from chewing gum but also from bags of candy picked up while walking from the Pharmacy Department to the front of the store at the end of the day.

As time went on, I slowly stopped picking up any of the candy, including the Atkins bars.

My one vice – “Extra.” It gives me gas.

A female friend decided to modify her success on WW by following the VLC route. She adapted well, but really felt the need for a piece of chocolate each day. She discovered the Atkins products – particularly the bars. She was thrilled.

Then – she not only ended up with Bloating, Gas – but “anal leakage.” Yep – diarrhea to the worst degree. And so ends her venture into this world.

There is a significant difference between Sugar Alcohols and Artificial Sweeteners. Aside from the noted side effects – Sugar Alcohols have calories and can slow down weight loss. They can also exacerbate IBS.  Artificial sweeteners have no real calories and are not going to have the same side effects. They may have other side effects.

Rather than my elaborating all of the different products, check out Yale New Haven Health, Eat Any Sugar Alcohol Lately? It is a pretty good review of the different products.

I continue to find it interesting, just how helpful Carpender’s little booklet was and still is.