I am a super big fan of Adam Campbell’s Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises. You can check out my exercise pages – in the right column – and understand that. The original book was published in December 2009. It has been my guiding light since it came out. I constantly refer back to it.

After going through many of the already designed workouts, I decided to Design My Own based upon the Template and information in the book.

Recently, Men’s Health has been sending out Ads for the revised and updated edition. This time – I got the Kindle edition. Why Kindle – because I have the paper edition – and – I wanted it immediately – while on vacation.

It is still the best book of it’s kind on the market. My suggestion – if you don’t have the original edition – buy it in paper – easier to use and flip through the pages. That bias may be because I grew up in a world of paper books and still favor them.

I am working my way through the Kindle edition – still love the damn book.