Yes – I understand that this is a rather strange topic. Let me give you a bit of a background. 

Shrinkinguy was the 52 Day Challenge’s Daily Host for Tuesday April 18, 2017. He posed the following Question of the Day

Despite all of our efforts to be healthy, one day we’re all going to die.  If you could overhear a eulogy at your funeral, what 3 things would you like them to say about you?

I really had a hard time treating this seriously. Maybe because I am a bit older than the others and closer to the end of days. My response was:

(1) Glad he lost all that weight and did not need an over sized casket. (2) He was still sharp as a tack at 101. (3) Can you believe that at 95 he was still doing chin-ups.

My first response was triggered by the memory a friend who died young and was buried in an over sized casket. First time I ever saw that.

Shrinkinguy brought the following Article to my attention:  Supersize My Funeral’: How is the Obesity Epidemic in the U.S. impacting on the Funeral Industry?

Ouch! Besides a larger casket, you may need a larger hearse, a larger or double grave site, even more grave diggers and equipment to move the casket. 

The excess cost for your excess body weight can exceed $3,000.00.

Thinking back to my friend – she died while on a vacation in Europe. For her family, there was the increased cost of shipping an over sized body back to the states.

Think about that the next time you Super Size your meal.


Just got back from Lunch. Had a burger – no roll – no fries.

There was a guy that spilled out and over his wooden chair. Way too big for the chair and luckily – no one was sitting next to him.

This reminded me of an airline flight from hell. I ended up in the middle seat. The guy by the window did not fit and spilled well over into my seat. The skinny guy on the isle would not give an inch. 3 1/2 hours of hell, holding both my arms across my body. The plane was sold out – no other seat.

Here is a January 2015 breakdown of airline policies for guys like him. Most airline seats – economy – range from 17 to 19 inches – and getting smaller each year. I do not believe the airlines enforce these policies. 

Airline Policies for Overweight Passengers