I have been a big Flax Seed fan. It is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and Fiber. Makes great muffins. Then I came upon this Article from Men’s Health Australia detailing 5 foods that are negatively impacting a man’s Testosterone production.

Some I already knew about, but – Flax Seed – really?


Every Instagram wellness-warrior is sprinkling flaxseeds on their porridge, but have men jumped on the bandwagon too soon? Although the seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, studies by the Duke University Medical Centre in the US found flax is rich in a chemical called lignan, which contributed to the reduction of testosterone in all the male participants.

I did a little research – Yep – Truth.

I knew this about Soy and I don’t include a lot of Soy or Soy Milk in my diet. The whole estrogen thing freaks me out. Why would a man drink Soy Milk?

Aside from Flax Seed and Soy products they mention Alcohol, Sugary Drinks and pastries that contain Trans Fats.

OTOH: A diet high in flax seed could help stunt the growth of Prostate Cancer. That of course is because it suppresses Testosterone production.

So the real question – how much is too much? One thing is for sure – it is not an every day addition to my eating plan.