Woke up this morning and realized that today marks 12 years of living the Very Low Carb High Fat way of life.

12 years ago, I weighed in at 260 pounds. This morning, 180 pounds – my target weight. Hard for me to believe that I have managed to first lose 80 pounds and then maintain the weight loss for over 10 years. Even harder to believe that I have managed to maintain a consistent gym workout for all these years.

When we started this trip and this blog, eating VLCHF or a Ketogenic diet were considered in the Realm of the the Crazies. Today – almost every Personality is living the Keto Life. Still the battle over eating this way continues. I no longer challenge every new article damning Keto or VLCHF and the errors in each new study. It just gets wearisome.

Here are some thoughts and ruminations:

  • TNT Plan A is a Ketogenic diet disguised for the young guy looking to lose weight and get strong.
  • During my weight loss period, 25 grams of carbs was the sweet spot for weight loss.
  • Now, to maintain my weight, less than 50 grams per day is the goal.
  • I no longer care if I am in Ketosis or not. It doesn’t matter. My body does not seem to care.
  • Protein – I try to keep under 140 grams a day. This is actually the hardest part.
  • When I started this trip, there were virtually no low carb convenience products. This forced me to focus on making my own meals, and avoiding all the highly processed foods – which contained carbs.
  • Today – there are a ton of low carb convenience foods – but they are all highly processed foods – I limit them to an every now and then item.
  • Bacon and other processed meats – I don’t avoid – but I don’t over indulge.
  • My Doc tracks my blood work every 6 months. My numbers – for what they’re worth – are real good. HDL over 90, Triglycerides below 50 and LDL in the no worry zone. My Doc has just stopped talking about my way of eating. He may not be convinced but he is not messing with the results.
  • My fasting blood sugar – in the mid 90s.
  • My clothing fits – from season to season and year to year. I buy new clothing to freshen up my wardrobe and not because I need clothing that fits.
  • Do I Cheat – NO. Do I allow myself a Treat – Yes. I try to be a Carb Snob. If I am going to eat Carbs – they had better be Top-Shelf – otherwise – Why bother? Never feel guilty. We eat healthy and exercise so we can treat ourselves every now and then.

Perhaps the two biggest lies that are told – This way of eating is unhealthy – and – No one can maintain this way of eating for long.

I’m living the lie.

BTW – the Spring 2019 – 52 Day Challenge starts tomorrow. Being a part of this group has kept me focused on living a healthy life. Sign Up today.