Chiles Rellenos

This recipe is from jessemaa – one of the Challengers on the 52DC. He and his wife adopted the VLCHF life on the advice of his wife’s physician. She has gone from taking a large amount of insulin shots to none.


This is for two Chiles. Use whole canned Chiles, stuff with as large of a stick of Monterrey jack cheese as you can. I use a half inch square 3″ long or so. Set aside.

Batter: Separate one egg. Whip white to stiff peaks. Add 1 tsp water. one Tbls almond flour, pinch of salt to the yolks beat until combined. Fold the yolk mixture into the whites. Don’t over mix.

Heat 1/2″ of olive oil in a frying pan. It is hot enough when a drop of the batter sizzles in the oil. Put the Chiles in the batter one at a time coat well then carefully place in hot oil. If necessary spoon some extra batter on top of the Chiles in the pan to coat them. Let them cook until the edges are golden brown don’t turn too early they will fall apart. Turn over and cook until golden brown and serve with homemade jalapeno salsa and sour cream.

I figured 5.5g carbs, 20g fat 11.8g protein and 243 cal per Chile. Low enough to eat two if it is main course!

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