Liver Pâté – Chopped Liver

We went out to dinner the other night.  The special was calf’s liver sautéed with onions and topped with crisp bacon.  We had not had this dish in ages.  Both my wife and I ordered it but eschewed the potatoes and doubled the veggies.  The servings were large and neither of us finished.  We took home the extra liver about 6+ ounces.  Now what.

The next morning, as my wife was making breakfast, she fried up about a cup of onions and boiled up two hard-boiled eggs.   After breakfast, our electricity went off – and on – and off – and on – and off.  That did not stop us.  I went down the basement and found my mother’s wooden chopping bowel and chopper – this is at least a 50-year-old item – if not older.

We cut up the liver in small pieces, put the eggs through the egg slicer and threw it all into the bowl along with the sautéed onions.  I proceeded to chop.  I have not done that in years – maybe 50 or so.  Once it was finely chopped – almost to a pate smoothness, my wife added some salt and pepper to bring up the flavor.  We did not need to add oil to the mix since both the liver and the onions had plenty already on them.

We had it for lunch with cucumber rounds. 

There are plenty of recipes out there for Liver Pâté and chopped liver.  They go from fancy to grandma’s home cooking.  What we did was simply to re-use leftovers.  This is a forgotten dish that is worth taking another look at, especially for those of us who are not afraid of meat and fats.


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