March 12th – 2018 – 11 Year Anniversary


11 Years – Can you believe it? Never thought I’d be able to maintain my weight this long. Never thought I’d be able to eat Low Carb this long. It is amazing – just amazing.

No – I am not a Low Carb fanatic. Yesterday – went to a grand niece’s eight birthday party. There was an overwhelming amount of carbs and a paltry amount of protein. I relaxed and enjoyed – but did not overindulge.

Got up this morning and put on a pair of pants that I bought years ago – still fits.

Most all of my clothing fits. The only problem – working out – and having some clothing no longer fit my body – but not because I gained weight.

Still exercising. Still doing 50 push-ups a day. Still doing 240+ chin/pull ups a week. Still making progress. Still recovering from two hip replacements and a bad knee.

This is not just me – this can be you. Just set your mind to it and realize you can turn yourself into the person you want to be.

See you at the 52 DC Starting Line on Wednesday.


Spring 2018, 52 Day Challenge – Count Down

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The Spring 2018 –  52 Day Challenge – starts this Wednesday, March 14th.

Are you ready?

Have you joined the 52 Day Challenge Facebook Group?

Have you read the FAQs?

Have you set your Goals?

Have you Signed-Up for the Challenge?

Time to make things happen for yourself. See you at the Starting Line.

And The Winter 52DC Ends – not with a bang but a …………………

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The Winter 2018 52 Day Challenge ended last Friday. Not my greatest effort – but I am still happy. There were a lot of bumps-in-the-road that could have thrown me completely off course. Instead – we soldered threw. Here are my final numbers:

My Final Numbers for Winter 2018 52 Day Challenge.

  • CE: 96/102/96 (100%) This was the toughest goal to achieve.
  • RT: 18/15 (120%)
  • CT: 18/15 (120%)
  • PG1 (Push-ups): 2600/2600 (100%)
  • PG2 (Chin/Pull-ups): 1080/800 (135%)
The next 52DC starts on Wednesday, March 14th. I leave for another week in Florida on March 18th. When we get back – my daughter and grandson are here for a visit – and a couple of big family dinners are on tap. The I have a business trip during the first week in April. Damnation – this coming 52DC is going to be tough.
Add to that – March 12th is my 11th anniversary of eating Low Carb. Who said it is not maintainable?

Lactose Intolerance and Ketogenic Diets


Let me fess up – I’ve suffered from Lactose Intolerance since my late teens. Actually ended up in the hospital for 5 days while they tried to diagnose what was going on. This was long – long ago – before LI became a known condition. The diagnosis – Colitis. What should I do? Drink Milk! That was the knowledge base of those days – yes – the early 60’s.

It wasn’t until the early 70’s that the condition was identified and then it was many years before various brands of lactase enzyme came onto the market and became affordable.

A secondary benefit of a Ketogenic or VLCHF diets is the reduction of Dairy Sugar in your diet. No more milk. No more ice cream. No more – No more. Yes the pills are there – but if you are not eating foods with a high lactose content – then you either don’t need the pills or you need less of them.

Suffering through LI teaches you to be cautious and always pop a pill. But to what extent is it necessary? 

What dairy products do I eat? Butter, Heavy Cream, Sour Cream, and Cheeses – of many different varieties. I’ve learned to look at labels. So many products have milk added back in. Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream and various types of cheeses. Instead of <1 gram of Carbs – all of a sudden there are >2 or 3. It may be trivial in my carb intake – but it alerts me to the need for taking an enzyme pill with the food.

Swiss Cheese is my favorite – if it has not been adulterated – it is lactose free. The harder the cheese – the less lactose.

As with so many aspects of eating this way – it took me time to realize that I was buying fewer and fewer pills to help me with my inability to digest dairy products.

I went looking for the amount of lactose in various dairy products and came upon this site and chart.

As part of my exercise regime, I use a Low Carb whey protein powder produced by Isopure. It is Lactose Free. 

So many benefits in eating this way. I’m One happy Guy.

Folic Acid Food Fortification

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Ever since the articles appeared indicating a higher risk of Neural Tube Disorder (NTD) and Spina Bifada from eating Low Carb, I’ve been reading up on the Federally mandated food fortification program. BTW – it happens to be adopted in one form or another by many countries.

The value of the program in reducing these forms of Birth Defects can not be understated. 

Here is an Article that gives an overview of the “Folic Acid Food Fortification—Its History, Effect, Concerns, and Future Directions.”

There is some indication that proper levels of folic acid intake has a positive impact on CVD and Strokes. See: “Folic Acid Supplementation and the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases: A Meta‐Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

I wonder – Did the fortification of grain products – the cheap and easy – come about because that is what people eat? – OR – Are people encouraged to eat these products in order to get a totally unregulated dosage of folic acid? Which came first? Is this a hidden reason for the Food Pyramid emphasizing grains?

We get a reduction in NTDs – but – a significant increase in Obesity and Diabetes. Unintended results – which have been totally ignored by the studies and press releases reviewed in my Blog Post of January 25th.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions! Or am I just being a Cynic?

Is Alzheimer’s Disease Type 3 Diabetes?


Recently there have been a growing awareness that high blood sugar – even if not diabetic – may be linked to various forms of Dementia including both Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia.

This Article from The Atlantic discusses the possible linkage.

longitudinal study, published Thursday in the journal Diabetologia, followed 5,189 people over 10 years and found that people with high blood sugar had a faster rate of cognitive decline than those with normal blood sugar—whether or not their blood-sugar level technically made them diabetic. In other words, the higher the blood sugar, the faster the cognitive decline.

In a 2012 study, Roberts broke nearly 1,000 people down into four groups based on how much of their diet came from carbohydrates. The group that ate the most carbs had an 80 percent higher chance of developing mild cognitive impairment—a pit stop on the way to dementia—than those who ate the smallest amount of carbs.’

The whole issue of high blood sugar, pre-diabetes and diabetes have a multitude of effects on the brain. It may also lead to Vascular Dementia.

… [T]here are several theories out there to explain the connection between high blood sugar and dementia. Diabetes can also weaken the blood vessels, which increases the likelihood that you’ll have ministrokes in the brain, causing various forms of dementia. A high intake of simple sugars can make cells, including those in the brain, insulin resistant, which could cause the brain cells to die. 

I wonder – since Ketones are an alternate source of energy for the brain – will a Ketogenic diet help slow down Dementia?

Does Eating Low Carb cause Birth Defects?


I wanted to title this article “Fake News” – but I just didn’t have the guts to do it.

Every news gathering service has been reporting on the latest study published in the  journal Birth Defects Research. Supposedly it “examine(d) the relationship between low carbohydrate intake and having children with a possibly fatal neural tube defect.” such as Spina Bifada.  That is one serious birth defect. No kidding – Serious stuff.

Read between the lines. If a woman has insufficient levels of folate in her bloodstream – particularly during the first several weeks of pregnancy – the risk is significant. 

Because most women of childbearing age have less than half the requisite amount of this vital B9 vitamin in their system, and more than half of the pregnancies are unplanned – the Powers-That-Be have determined that various high carbohydrate products – such as breakfast cereals, breads and pastas should be fortified. Same thing that was done with table salt – it was iodized. 

Check out unfortified cereal or other carb products – zip – negligible amounts of folic acid.

If you limit the amount of these highly processed products and eat naturally, you don’t get the benefit of hidden folic acid.

If you eat naturally, then a cup of lentils a day would give you in excess of twice the folic acid that is recommended.

But Lentils are not the only food. Check out Spinach, Asparagus, Broccoli, and even lettuce. Eat some peanuts and sunflower seeds. So many places to get low carb folic acid in sufficient quantity.

Check out:





Or just take a daily vitamin pill.

I don’t want to make light of this. So many articles touting Low Carb eating fail to stress the necessity of eating a ton of non-starchy veggies – and taking a supplement here or there. They focus on Bacon. Really – Bacon?

Eating Crappy Carbs does not prevent Spina Bifada. Eating Low Carb does not cause Spina Bifada. 

Eating wrong causes Spina Bifada – just the same way as drinking alcohol while pregnant or shooting up while pregnant causes serious problems for the unborn child.

There is even a recommendation that “Women planning to get pregnant should take folic acid supplements for a full year before conception to reduce the risk of these developments.”

Edit 1-26-18: Here is the Link to the actual Study.

Should we discount the value of a VLCHF/Keto diet because of the general populations stupidity. They need to be feed fortified cereal to be healthy – come on!

Get smart. Learn what it takes to be healthy.

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