The Six Unwritten Rules of the Gym

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I get the Weekly Dose T Nation. If you don’t subscribe – you should. Yeah – much of it is real metal heads – but I pick up hints almost every week. Hints that make my work outs more effective.

Today’s Weekly Dose includes an ArticleThe 6 Unwritten Rules of the Gym by by John Romano.  Check it out.

This article particularly resonated with me today. At the gym this morning, I had to go in search of a Swiss Ball – all of which were not where they should be. Then this individual dropped 2 – 20 pound dumbbells on the linoleum walk way with a Bang and just left them there while she did something else. She did it a 2nd time with another set of DBs. It took me awhile – but I finally recognized her – she used to work out at NYSC where I worked out years ago – before it recently close. she is in law enforcement – really – she enforces the rules we live by.

So here are the rules – with a bit of my personal commentary.

1 – Put Your Shit Away

This is probably the one that gets everyone annoyed. Someone will load up a bar – do their sets – and just leave it there. Damn – it is part of the exercise to load and unload the bar. Picking up dumbbells or kettlebells and returning them – is just common courtesy. Leaving them lying around for someone to trip on – your bad.

2 – Treat the Gym Like Your Home (Or Better)

People can be slobs. Sweat on a bench and leave it. Spill your water bottle and don’t clean up. Spit into the water fountain – yech. Fail to flush the toilet – come on!

3 – Don’t Flirt. Or At Least Don’t Be Creepy

I’m an old married guy – but I can spot the guys that are on the make. Some are down right creepy. Others – well – things are OK until they’re not. Yes – there are clubs that pander to the single crowd. Then go there. 

4 – Don’t Steal From the Gym or Other Members

This is the one that gets me crazy. Do you really need to pocket a $3.00 item – so I have to go looking for the various hooks and other smaller items  – particularly the carabineer . Seriously – where is your moral code?

5 – Don’t Block the Mirrors

The mirror is a tool to check out your form – not to check out your biceps. I do enjoy watching the college guys do a quick mirror check – it is funny – if they only knew that others were laughing at them.

6 – Never Distract Anyone Doing a Set

Why does this even need to be said. You see someone in mid set – stand back. What ever you need or where ever you are going – can wait the couple of seconds – or you can take a detour.

There are many other “rules.” 

Don’t do curls in the Squat Rack

Don’t hog a piece of equipment – let others play through while you take a break.

What are your pet peeves?

Super Size my Funeral!

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Yes – I understand that this is a rather strange topic. Let me give you a bit of a background. 

Shrinkinguy was the 52 Day Challenge’s Daily Host for Tuesday April 18, 2017. He posed the following Question of the Day

Despite all of our efforts to be healthy, one day we’re all going to die.  If you could overhear a eulogy at your funeral, what 3 things would you like them to say about you?

I really had a hard time treating this seriously. Maybe because I am a bit older than the others and closer to the end of days. My response was:

(1) Glad he lost all that weight and did not need an over sized casket. (2) He was still sharp as a tack at 101. (3) Can you believe that at 95 he was still doing chin-ups.

My first response was triggered by the memory a friend who died young and was buried in an over sized casket. First time I ever saw that.

Shrinkinguy brought the following Article to my attention:  Supersize My Funeral’: How is the Obesity Epidemic in the U.S. impacting on the Funeral Industry?

Ouch! Besides a larger casket, you may need a larger hearse, a larger or double grave site, even more grave diggers and equipment to move the casket. 

The excess cost for your excess body weight can exceed $3,000.00.

Thinking back to my friend – she died while on a vacation in Europe. For her family, there was the increased cost of shipping an over sized body back to the states.

Think about that the next time you Super Size your meal.


Just got back from Lunch. Had a burger – no roll – no fries.

There was a guy that spilled out and over his wooden chair. Way too big for the chair and luckily – no one was sitting next to him.

This reminded me of an airline flight from hell. I ended up in the middle seat. The guy by the window did not fit and spilled well over into my seat. The skinny guy on the isle would not give an inch. 3 1/2 hours of hell, holding both my arms across my body. The plane was sold out – no other seat.

Here is a January 2015 breakdown of airline policies for guys like him. Most airline seats – economy – range from 17 to 19 inches – and getting smaller each year. I do not believe the airlines enforce these policies. 

Airline Policies for Overweight Passengers


I am not an experiment.

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When you tell people that you are eating a LC-Normal Protein-HF or Ketogenic diet, the knee jerk reactions kick in. We’ve all heard them. They fall into several categories.

(1) This is just one more fad diet.

(2) Eating LCHF is unhealthy because ____________ Fill in the blank.

(3) You really only lose water weight.

(4) You can’t sustain this type of eating long term.

and the real reason –

(5) I could never give up pasta.

fad diet Any of a number of weight-reduction diets that either eliminate one or more of the essential food groups, or recommend consumption of one type of food in excess at the expense of other foods. Fad diets rarely follow sound nutritional principles for weight loss, which focus on ingesting fewer calories and/or consuming more energy through exercise; fad diets are generally not endorsed by the medical profession. Segen’s Medical Dictionary. © 2012 Farlex, Inc. All rights reserved.

This common definition of a Fad Diet could apply to eating a Low Fat diet that has been the be-all-and-end-all Doctor recommended eating plan for the last 40+ years. It would also include a vegetarian or vegan eating plan.  But it is the Low Carb – Normal Protein – High Fat diet that gets the pejorative “Fad” label.

It is now more than 10 years (21 days more) since I started eating this way. I guess that means that I am an oddity, since “you” can not sustain this way of eating.

A friend – who is on month 4 – commented that this is the easiest way of eating. She is really happy with it.

I have not sustained any health detriments – and I have a physical every 6 months, along with every other type of health check up that insurance will pay for. Here are my latest Lipid numbers as of 4/1/17:

  • Cholesterol Total: 203 (100-199)
  • Tryglycerides: 43 (0-149)
  • HDL Cholesterol: 114 (>39)
  • VLDL Cholesterol Calc: 9 (5-40)
  • LDL Cholesterol Calc: 80 (0-99)

My Doc doesn’t give a hoot about my Total – given my HDL and Tryglyceride numbers.

My fasting glucose: 98 (65-99)

My pulse rate was 60. Actually when I checked it – 55.

And interestingly my blood pressure was 112/64 – pretty much the lowest it has been in ages – probably since my mid 20s. I commented – “Gee – maybe I don’t need the BP meds anymore.” These were prescribed when I was 80 pounds heavier and reduced when I reduced.

Nope – he wants to keep the pressure low so that it will not stress the aortic artery. Ok – a fog rolled over my brain when he started his explanation. Hopefully – continuing on the meds will not harm me.

But – a one person experience (experiment) is not enough to save the day from the nay sayers. 

Protein – How Much is Too Much?

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Here we go again. Protein – how much is too much? Spotted this ARTICLE on one of the news gathering sites: 

How eating too much protein in middle age can SHORTEN your life: Experts reveal this result of low-carb diets could be seriously detrimental to your health.

Their thesis is that our needs change over our lifetime. In our early years, we may need 100 grams of protein a day, but that amount is reduced once you hit middle age – 50-65 years. Then it increases to stave off muscle wasting in our latter years.

They go on to posit that if you eat too much protein in middle age – you will be shortening your life expectancy. 

[A] team at the University of Southern California analysed the diets of nearly 7,000 middle-aged people, discovering that eating a high-protein diet between the ages of 50 and 65 increased the chances of developing cancer, diabetes and other life-limiting diseases.

But – here is the the thing – they are unable to really quantify the amounts. There are just too many variables to rely on the information they are selling.

What gets me is this statement – shouted at the top of their lungs:

[M]any of today’s low-carb diets recommend upwards of 30 to 40 per cent of total calories coming from protein.

I am unaware of any respectable Low Carb diet that is that High in Protein. Any person who works out is going to want 1 gram per pound of lean body mass. If you don’t work out – reduce that to .7 or .8. The end result is an average of 20% or less. Do the math!

The High Protein label on a Low Carb diet is obviously one which annoys the hell out of me because it is just not true.

Rant Over!

10th Anniversary – Missed it!


10th Anniversary


Yikees! I missed my 10th Anniversary. No – not my wedding anniversary – but – March 12, 2007 – the day I started eating VLCHF and Exercising.

Wait – 99% of all Nutritionists and Dietitians claim that no one can sustain this type of eating for more than a couple of months and then they put the weight back on plus some.

Missing this important date – tells me one thing – this way of life – has become my New Normal.

Thank you one and all for joining me on this journey. 

Spring 52 Day Challenge Starts Today!

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Today is Day 1 of the Spring 52 Day Challenge.

It is not too late to Sign-up and join the fun.

Make today the first day of the rest of your life.

Big Book of Exercises – Take 2

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I am a super big fan of Adam Campbell’s Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises. You can check out my exercise pages – in the right column – and understand that. The original book was published in December 2009. It has been my guiding light since it came out. I constantly refer back to it.

After going through many of the already designed workouts, I decided to Design My Own based upon the Template and information in the book.

Recently, Men’s Health has been sending out Ads for the revised and updated edition. This time – I got the Kindle edition. Why Kindle – because I have the paper edition – and – I wanted it immediately – while on vacation.

It is still the best book of it’s kind on the market. My suggestion – if you don’t have the original edition – buy it in paper – easier to use and flip through the pages. That bias may be because I grew up in a world of paper books and still favor them.

I am working my way through the Kindle edition – still love the damn book.

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