Working Out

March 12, 2007, was the starting point of my working out.  Check above to that Page to give you a bit of the history of my first forays into Working Out. 

During the first year of being back in the gym, I bought a series of personal training sessions. Where these worth it? Probably. At the least, they got me moving and doing.

I would buy 10 weekly one hour sessions at a time. The deal was that the PT had to set me up with a Training Program that I could follow for the next couple of months. Then – I would buy another 10 sessions and go from there.  At one point, my wife and I were alternating 10 weekly sessions. 

Eventually, I took off my Training Wheels and started the NROL. 

Attached are copies of 2 of the Personal Trainer’s programs: PT Workout 7-24-07 and PT Workout 5-08

Yes – I carry these around with me – otherwise I have no idea what to do.

What I find interesting is that under these circumstances you will start eliminating choices that are too difficult or that you find annoying.

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