> BBOE Design It Yourself Workout Phase 10 & Log

The Winter 2013 52 Day Challenge starts on January 2nd.  I need to prepare for that Challenge.

Clean Eating is just not a problem.  We have been eating Very Low Carb for almost 6 years.  It is damn close to our new normal.  My Goal will be 96 out of a possible 104 CE time frames.

Resistance Training is the problem.  I am confronted with a new Retro Fitness gym that does not have a redundancy of equipment nor a full complement of equipment.  Luckily, I workout early in the morning so I am able to get most of my exercises completed – or I just do an alternate.  My goal this time – start to make up for some of the strength lost from not lifting heavy for the past 5 months.  I finally had the chance to workout a new program.  Not a major change – just enough to shake things up.  Here is the link to Phase 10 Log.

Cardio Training is always my least favorite.  I know I should be doing HIIT – but bluntly – been there and done that – and don’t want to do it again.  I found the Squat, Curl and Push Press on page 104 of the January/February edition of Men’s Health.  Here is a picture of it that I previously published as a Post.  This along with some push-ups and chin-ups should do the trick.

For my Personal Goal, I am aiming at doing 150 push-ups a day for the 52 Days of the Challenge.  That should round out the weeks workout rather well.

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