> BBOE Design It Yourself Workout Phase 3 & Log

As promised, this is a more permanent resting place for the Post of 83/11.  It also includes the Phase 3 Log.

I have now done all three workouts of Phase 3.  After each workout, I made some modifications.  Sometimes I merely juggled the order of the exercise; other times I switched out an exercise because the equipment was not always easily available or in close proximity to the “paired” exercise.  This last re-jiggering was because I started with Barbell Squats focusing on the depth of my squat and this put me in a situation where I could not do another exercise that stressed my knees.  The BBOE always has alternatives.  Love it. 

Although the workouts are paired to do as a super set, I do not always follow that path. If equipment is in use or the gym is busy, then I do them in the order listed.   Here is my workout.

WORKOUT A: 25 Rep Max – 5 Reps per Set

  • 1: Core – Ch 10: Plank – 1 min hold (p 278)
  • 2A: Glutes & Hamstrings – Ch 9: Barbell Dead Lift (p 248)
  • 2B: Upper Back – Ch 5: EZ-Bar Pullover (p 106)
  • 3A: Quadriceps – Ch 8: Single-Leg Bench Get-up (p 196)
  • 3B: Lats – Ch 5: Lat Pull Down (p 102) shoulder width palms forward

WORKOUT B: 25 Rep Max – 10 Reps per Set

  • 1: Core – Ch 10: Roll Out (p 292)
  • 2A: Chest – Ch 4: Incline Dumbbell Bench Press (p 46) palms forward
  • 2B: Quadriceps – Ch 8: Dumbbell Squat (p 203)
  • 3A: Upper Back – Ch 5: Seated Cable Row (p 92)
  • 3B: Glutes & Hamstrings – Ch 9: Single-Leg DB Straight Leg Dead Lift (p 257)

WORKOUT C: 25 Rep Max – 10 Reps per Set

  • 1: Core – Ch 10: Standing Rotational Chop (p 307)
  • 2A: Quadriceps – Ch 8: Barbell Squat (p 198)
  • 2B: Chest – Ch 4: Standing Cable Fly (p 62)
  • 3A: Glutes & Hamstrings – Ch 9: Cable Pull Through (p 259)
  • 3B: Shoulders – Ch 6: Barbell Press (p 116)

Nota Bene: The Chapter and Page Numbers refer to The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises by Adam Campbell

I am not Alwyn Cosgrove, Lou Schuler, Chad Waterbury or Adam Campbell.  I am just another guy trying to make it happen.  If you look at this workout and want to make a suggestion or ask a question – please do so.  I am looking for comments and value your opinions.

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