> BBOE Design It Yourself Workout Phase 8 & Log

I should really call this Phase 7.1.  The only real change – Workout C is now 10 rep max instead of 15. 

This last 4 weeks was the interim between the end of the 2011 Classic 52 DC and the start of the 2012 Winter 52 DC which starts this Wednesday, January 4th.

I really did not push myself hard.  The holidays were out front and an interfering factor.  Yes – I went to the gym – but I really did not workout as hard as usual – especially on my Cardio/Circuit days. 

Also, I am not all that thrilled with 15 rep max workouts.  I think 10 is about it for me.  I want to lift heavier weights.  Simple as that. 

Next Phase will probably be 5 rep and 10 rep workouts alternating.  Only time will tell.

Here is the Phase 8 Log.

Workout A starts tomorrow.

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