> BBOE Design It Yourself Workout & Log

The Template designed by Craig Rasmussen on pages 28 & 29 of the BBOE, has always tantalized me.  Could I take this workout and design my own.  I’ve worked my way through NROL, HIAH and several of the BBOE workouts.  Why not design my own?  I finally decided to try my hand at it for the Summer 2011 52DC. 

I expanded the basic Template from a 2 Workout program aimed at getting lean, to a 3 Workouts per week program aimed more at muscle development.  I am following Adam Campbell’s advice (BBOE page 12) and structured the workouts as follows: Workout A – 5 reps, B – 15, C – 10.  

This program will be my basic RT for the first 4 weeks of the Challenge.  I will than change it around.  I do not now know if that change will just re-assign the 5/15/10 reps (as suggested by Farsteve) or change-up the actual exercises.  Time will tell.  Here is my final take – actually revised 6/4/11 on TNT Man’s BBOE Design It Yourself Workout.  You are welcome to use this Log or have fun designing your own workout.

Capt DHD has spent the last year utilizing his version of a workout based on this Template and has had great success with it.  Now it is my turn.

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  1. Jags318
    Jun 04, 2011 @ 07:11:54

    Hey TNT Man. Looks like a good workout. You have a plan! I am looking to enhance my workouts for this challenge and I like the template, the excercises and the thinking behind it. I did notice that you have no excercises isolating biceps and triceps. With the amount of information that you are gleaming from to setup your workout, I am thinking this is by design? Also, you have a 25 max, is that per excercise?



    • TNT Man
      Jun 04, 2011 @ 09:57:39

      I have eschewed bicep/tricep isolation exercises in favor of dips, chin-ups and push-ups, which I include in my 3600 circuit. I found that these do a better job for me and also bring the back and core into the equation.

      Yes – the limit of of 25 reps max per exercise is suggested by Campbell in the BBOE, backed up by comments from Cosgrove and Waterbury in the HIAH book. I just vary the number of reps per set – but keep the per exercise rep max at 25.

      If you don’t have the BBOE – get it. My plan is to do this for 4 weeks and then look through the book and choose other exercises – but aimed at the same muscle groups – and just plug them into the template.

      Take Care.
      TNT Man


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