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As I periodically do – I copy a Post to a Page.  Pages are more permanent and end up as resource material.  This Post was published on 9/1/2012.

Scattered around the two gyms that I now frequent are exercise bands.  Most with handles.  Very few people actually utilize them in any structured manner.  There are maybe 4 available at Retro Fitness where I go with my wife.

Last week, her Physical Therapist recommended that we purchase Thera-Band Exercise Bands.  While at a drug store with a large “disability” section, I spotted them.  Cost was $21.00 for a roll that looks like the box that Saran Wrap comes out of.  I stood there puzzling over the various boxes which are labeled with different degrees of resistance.  I bought the one that is marked “Heavy.”  You pull out the length you want and cut it off.  Interesting.

In reviewing the various exercises on the sheet he gave us, I realized that only two were not replicated by the machines available at the gym.  I also uploaded their Thera-Band Resistance Band – Tubing Instruction Manual which provides a much more extensive list of exercises and is usable with the existing exercise bands at the gym.  It is a full workout manual. 

That little roll of exercise bands would be perfect for the road warrior who can’t be sure the hotel gym will have anything more than a couple of very old treadmills and bikes.  Not fancy but can do the trick with very little added weight in your luggage.

Here are pics of the two exercises not duplicated by a machine or free weight exercise:

Ankle Dorsiflexion: Strengthens the shin muscle (Tibialis Anterior) that lifts the foot upward.

Thera-Band Ankle Dorsiflexion

The other is called by various names but LiveStrong calls it the Monster Walk others refer to it as the Band Walk.


The monster or band walk strengthens the muscles of the abductors and glutes. Ensure that you’re in an area with a large amount of space. To perform the monster walk, attach the resistance band around both ankles. Take a wide step out to your left then step the right foot in. Keep taking wide steps to your left until you feel a burn in your left glute and hip. After you’ve completed the desired number of steps, take an equal number of steps to your right side. Keep your feet and legs wider than hip-distance apart the entire time, to keep constant tension on the muscles.

Check out the Thera-Band site.  It has a wealth of information and those rolls of elastic exercise bands are an inexpensive addition to your home gym.

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