13> HIAH: Get Big – Phase 1 A – Unloading & Log

Today was the first day of doing HIAH Get Big Phase 1A – Unloading.  I did Workout A this morning.  It is 3 different workouts – each workout is 3 exercises and are to be done once.  Did A today, B will be on Thursday and C on Sunday.   Unloading – interesting phrase.  Had to search the Men’s Health HIAH forum to get an understanding,  “Active Rest and Recovery”  You are doing light workouts that are keeping you active but allowing your muscles to recover.  Not sure that I buy it, but I will follow the program. 

It is not a long workout.  I had to add a couple of sets of Chin-ups and 5 minutes on the Hand Bike – just to stretch the workout to 40 minutes and make TJAK happy.  Here is the Chart: HIAH Get Big – Phase 1A.

The Cable Standing Mid-Pulley Face Pull was less than thrilling. It was tough to get the motion and the rythem working effectively. The other two are variations on themes I have done before.

The Side Lunge and Cable Squat are new – at least to me. I will report on them in my posts and maybe edit this page to add a comment.

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