19> HIAH: Get Strong – Phase 1 & Log

I just finished Get Big Phase 3A unloading this morning.  Since I do not work out on Fridays, I will not be able to start the next program until Saturday.  Too long a wait.  The 52DC is in hiatus.  I do not have to do cardio tomorrow.  This morning’s workout was not hard.  I only added a couple of sets of Hanging Leg Raises to round it out.   Why can’t I start Get Strong Tomorrow? No reason that I can see.

Here is the HIAH Get Strong – Phase 1 Chart.  Each Workout has three exercises for Phase 1, designed to be done every other day.

4-6 Rep Max – 20 Total Reps – 75 Seconds Rest between sets

  • Chin-up (pg 207)
  • Barbell Decline Close-Grip Bench Press (pg 232)
  • Dead Lift (pg 254)

4-6 Rep Max – 20 Total Reps – 75 Seconds Rest between sets

  • DB One-Arm Bent-over Row (pg 219)
  • Cable Standing One-Arm Chest Press (pg 230)
  • Single Leg Squat (pg 251)

10-12 Rep Max – 35 Total Reps – 90 Seconds Rest between sets

  • Jump Shrug (pg 264)
  • Dumbbell Standing Shoulder Press (pg 234) Palms facing each other
  • Squat (pg 241)

I completed Phase 1 on 1-1-11.  Made some decent progress on all fronts.  The Single Leg Squat is still the one with the most difficulty.  I am hanging on to ropes hooked to the high point of the cable machine as a counter balance.  Reduced the counter balance weight a bit – so some progress is being made.  All in all, I am pleased with my progress.


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