21> HIAH Get Strong Phase 2 & Log

Completed Phase 1A yesterday and will start Phase 2 Workout A tomorrow morning.   Here is my HIAH Get Strong – Phase 2 Chart

The program looks like this:

WORKOUT A: LOAD SUPER HEAVY (2-3 RM) 15 Rep Max and 60 seconds rest between sets.
Wide-Grip Pull Up (pg 209)  I will probably substitute Chin-ups for this.  The Left Rotator Cuff does not like to do these.
Barbell Decline Close-Grip Bench Press (pg 226)
Front Squat (pg 242)  Hate These

WORKOUT B: LOAD HEAVY (4-6 RM) 20 Rep Max and 75 seconds rest between sets.
Cable Standing One-Arm Mid-Pulley Row, Elbow Out (pg 214)
DB Standing One-Arm Shoulder Press (pg 235)
DB Single Leg Dead Lift (pg 257)

WORKOUT C: LOAD MEDIUM (10-12 RM)) 35 Rep Max and 90 seconds rest between sets.
High Pull (pg 263)
Cable Standing Chest Press (pg 229)  These are less than natural
Good Morning (pg 258)  First time on these.

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